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The Tail of the Dragon

Tail of the Dragon - November 2014
We visited the Tail of the Dragon a couple of years back. It was an amazing trip that day. It was one of the last rides we made with our great friend Mike Widener. I found a photo one of the many photographers grabbed of our Mustang Cobra that day.
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Snowy Drive Home

Snowy Drive Home - Gap Creek Road, Hampton, TN
I snapped some photos on the way home from work on day during some snow. I should have came home earlier or worked from home.
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Christmas 2016

We had another wonderful Christmas. We are very blessed, and I thank the lord for blessing me with the wonderful life I have.
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South Holston Dam Photo Opportunity

We grabbed a shot after a quick ride over The Snake.
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Visit to Asheville

The Lobster Trap - Asheville
Oysters - The Lobster Trap
Sherri and I recently had a change to spend an afternoon, night, and day in Asheville. It is a short drive over the mountain for a much needed get away for just the two of us. We had dinner our last day at The Lobster Trap. It was great food and a great experience.
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Garage Is Finished

The Pearces - Hampton, TN - Garage Outside with New Lighting
The Pearces - Hampton, TN - Garage Inside with New Lighting and Drywall
The Pearces - Hampton, TN - Garage Inside with New Lighting and Drywall

The garage electrical was finished up last week. The next new set of surveillance cameras are also up. Another new set will be going up soon. Signage is displayed alerting visitors that cameras are in place and recording. Smoke detectors are purchased and in place as well as two new fire extinguishers. New network wiring has been run for the house along with a new high end AC 1900 router. I will also be completing the network wiring for the new garage in order to support the new cameras going in.

The garage project started back June 6th. It didn't finish until the last week of October. I wasted much of my vacation and worked many days from home to ensure someone was here with the workers so it could get completed. Thank goodness work allowed me to do that. The folks who did the work did an excellent job, it just took a great deal of time. The framing for the drywall is super heavy duty which will also help with hanging cabinets. The electrical was run with extra capacity planned in case of additions in the future.

We still need to refinish the floor, get garage floor mats in place, get a sink or at least a wash basin in place, finish the cabinetry, and get heat and air installed. I am looking for a short distance lift also. We are starting next on finishing up the excavation of the back of the property in preparation for the next projects. Once that is complete I will most likely pave the driveway and get the concrete slabs poured in the back for the future projects, and a slab poured for a new front porch. Hopefully we will get started on adding to the house and a remodel sometime in the next year or two.

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Another Great Halloween

The Pearce's - Hampton, TN - Halloween 10/31/16
We had a great turnout this year. As usual Sherri did an amazing job setting things up even though she hasn't been feeling well. Many thanks to her for all she does. Also, thanks for the neighbors that helped her when I couldn't.
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My Wife's Amazing Birthday Present

My Birthday - Hot Wheels Shadow Box to Hang in Garage
My wife knows I loved Hot Wheels as a child, and still love them today. She also know I love Ford Mustangs. Check out the amazing present she put together for me for my birthday. She put some hard work into finding all of these, and received help from some great friends from the Northeast Tennessee Mustang Club, another great charitable organization we participate in. I am truly blessed with a great family and great friends.
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Garage - Drywall Finished

The drywall is finished. We are waiting on the painter, the electrical to be finished, then the garage floor to be resurfaced.
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Joe Pearce Garage - Dried In
Joe Pearce Garage - Cobra Inside
I recently had a steel garage built beside of the house. It went up in two days. I decided to add electrical and sheetrock. Here are two photos showing the garage frame complete. I will post a link to my photo gallery with all the photos soon.
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NETNMC APPI Open Car Show - Rainy Day
It was a rainy day, Sherri was in great pain after surgery, but we attended the show. It was great. Saw many great cars and many great friends.
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Las Vegas 2016 - Cisco Live! - Maroon 5

Las Vegas 2016 - Cisco Live! - Maroon Five
I recently had the opportunity to see Maroon 5 in concert during the 2016 Cisco Live conference. They put on an amazing show.
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Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

Shark Reef Acquarium Entrance - Mandalay Bay
Shark Reef Acquarium Fish- Mandalay Bay
During the Cisco Live! conference I took the chance to visit another aquarium, the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. It was not the best experience. It was one of the less clean aquariums I have visited. We have no idea how lucky we are to have the aquariums here in Tennessee, Ripley's in Gatlinburg, and the one in Chattanooga. Those are the cleanest I have ever visited.
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Surgery Follow Up Day - December 22nd, 2016

Surgery Follow Up Day - December 22nd, 2016
Surgery Follow Up Day - Me and Sherri - December 22nd, 2016
This first photograph is me one month after being released from Vanderbilt. I had lost weight down to 235 pounds. My lowest weight since just after high school. I definitely felt lucky to be alive and thankful to god for letting me live another day. I continue to be blessed. Thanks to all who prayed for me, visited me, and took care of me. A special thank you to my loving wife for being there for me.
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The Mighty Mississippi River

I recently spent a few days in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for work. We stayed at the local casino hotel right on the mighty Mississippi.
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Recent Stay In Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach - View From Hotel Room
Pensacola Beach
I recently received the outstanding opportunity to stay in Pensacola at the Hilton on the beach. The view was great. It was wonderful to run on the beach early of the morning before heading out on our flight, or walking the beach after a long day of work. Prices were great due us being there before the spring season began. If you are looking for somewhere to vacation this place is great. The beach was amazingly clean.
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Recent Trip to Europe

Demolished German Bunker Pointe Du Hoc Normandy 01/17/15
I recently had the chance to travel to Europe on a trip for my employer. I have some photographs I will be uploading to the photo gallery soon. Here is a photo from Pointe Du Hock Normandy of one of the old German bunkers now nearly demolished. We actually walked through several of these which was one of the many awe inspiring moments I had while there. Following the steps of the soldiers hitting Normandy beach then to the top of the hill was a touching moment for me.
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Trip to the Tail of the Dragon

A Cobra Rides the Tail of the Dragon
We rode the Tail of the Dragon this Fall which was an excellent and eye opening experience. We participated in a fund raising car show to help a young lady with a medical issue and saved an injured stray dog. It was a great day.
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Fall Blue Ridge Parkway Run

Iron Mike's Ridge Run
This was Iron Mike's Ridge Run. It was a great day of fun fellowship.
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Explorer Washed and Waxed

Finally got a chance to wash and wax the Explorer. It still looks good, even though it is a very high mileage vehicle.
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Recent Hike to Laurel Fork Falls

Laurel Fork Falls-091614
We recently hiked to Laurel Fork Falls hiking down from the Dennis Cove entrance then coming out at the Highway 321 entrance. It was a beautiful day even though the local weather teams were saying it was going to rain.
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Car Show in Blountville

Northeast Tennessee Mustang Club Car Show
Northeast Tennessee Mustang Club Car Show Tents
We recently attended a car show in Blountville on Main Street offered by the Northeast Tennessee Mustang Club based out of Blountville. This club supports the American Patriots and Pastime mission by collecting money from donations and club activities to 100% fund sending needed items to troops deployed all over the world. We joined the club a couple of weeks back and plan to participate as much as we can when time allows.
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July 17-20 2014 Trip to Gatlinburg - The kites

Music by Kites
Saw a new band called 'The Kites" at one of the distilleries. They were actually a very good band. Very talented. Here is there Facebook site: Music by Kites
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2014 Elizabethton/Carter County Car Club Car Show

2003 Mustang SVT Cobra - 2014 Elizabethton/Carter County Car Club Car Show
It has been a while since we have posted anything, so I thought I would share some of our latest information. Sherri and I recently attended the 2014 Elizabethton/Carter County Car Club Car Show. We didn't get an award this year, but it was still fun to attend.
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Recent Visit to Knoxville

Knoxville, TN
We were in Knoxville recently to drop Sherri's son off at MEPS for his entry into the Army. We stopped downtown after dropping him off to shop and eat. I don't know why, but I always take a picture of this sign while I am in Knoxville.
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New Reality for Microsoft Releases

This CNET articles definitely points out the writing on the wall. To compete in today's market the more Linux like release schedule is the way to go. Look at Google and Apple. Also direct to consumer improvements are the only way to stay in the game. Microsoft has been late adopting this strategy, but the tactics they are using now for releasing product is obviously guided by the recent adoption of this strategy. It is interesting to see how much competition is changing the tech marketplace.
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New iPhone Announcement May Be September 10th 2013

The announcement for the new iPhone may be as early as September 10th 2013. It appears there will not be very many differences, but there will apparently be a lower end model: New iPhone Announcement Photo of a Dummy Version
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Leaving the Car Show


Here are a couple of photos with me, Sherri, and Haley at various Carter County/Elizabethton Car Club Cruise In events. We attend weekly if it is not raining or if we don't have to work. We enjoy hanging out with our hot rod enthusiast friends and participating in charitable events. I will be putting many photos up to the photo site today from many of the cruise ins we have attended this year.

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Website Hacked

My website was recently hacked. It started on Feb 12. I am working with the system administrators and my web host on cleaning this up. I will most likely be removing several items from the site to try to reduce the risk profile or entry points into the site. More to come.
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2003 Ford Mustang Cobra

Yet another picture of my 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra.


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