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Inner Workings of Ransomware and Ways to Detect and Respond

Security News White Papers - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 12:00am
Ransomware hacks can bypass your perimeter controls and infect your critical systems, brining your business to a halt. Unfortunately, focusing on prevention technologies, with point security products, may not be sufficient enough to fight these key security concerns. This webinar contains key insights on a ransomware cyber kill chain. Published by: Arctic Wolf

To SIEM or Not to SIEM, Find Out Your Options

Security News White Papers - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 12:00am
With the growing complexity of SIEM solutions increasing and a shortage of people with cybersecurity skills, many organizations are looking for alternatives to building their own in-house SIEM. The main business reasons that organizations acquire a SIEM are to easily detect threats and to be able to meet compliance reporting mandates. Published by: Arctic Wolf

CEO Insights - Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

Security News White Papers - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 12:00am
Cybercriminals continued on their rampage in 2018 hacking into name brand companies like Adidas, Twitter and Ticketmaster. The pace is not expected to slow down in 2019. In this webcast, Brian NeSmith walks through the top cybersecurity predictions for 2019 and what organizations can do to best prepare for them. Published by: Arctic Wolf

The Values of Both Building Your Own SOC and Buying SOC-as-a-Service

Security News White Papers - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 12:00am
SOC is no longer an option, but a necessity for all businesses. The question is whether a DIY SOC or a SOC-as-a-Service is a better fit for your company. In this webcast, learn the value propositions of both SOC-as-a-Service and DIY SOC. The speakers also discuss key factors to help you decide which option is best for you. Published by: Arctic Wolf

SecureWorks and McLaren Partnership

Security News White Papers - Mon, 12/17/2018 - 12:00am
SecureWorks is the security partner of McLaren Group. Using SecureWorks has allowed McLaren to accelerate threat detection. SecureWorks applies machine learning as well as human and artificial intelligence to process logs. In this webcast, Jonathan Neal and Paul Brimacombe discuss their experience partnering with SecureWorks. Published by: Dell SecureWorks

Moral Machine MIT

Hacker News - 47 min 11 sec ago

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The Singleton Manifesto (1/5) – Using AI to Save Humanity from Extinction

Hacker News - 1 hour 22 min ago

Humanity is dying. It may seem that society has come a long way to preserving and protecting the human race. Yet, after less than fifteen thousand years as a civilization, we are just as much at risk of extinction.

In the twenty-first century, we are force-fed the ideology of the enlightened human. We are taught that with freedom, liberty, and justice — all nicely tied up in the gift of democracy — humans can create a paradise on Earth, an environment that allows the human spirit to thrive. In this worldview, the human collective prospers when each one of us is given a voice. The human race survives because the collective is responsible for its survival.

Unfortunately, this is a lie. Democracy was supposed to save us from the evils of tyranny. It was supposed to ensure our survival by creating stability and equality. Yet, it too is cursed by short-sightedness.

This leads to a claim that has already been repeated over and over again: human government has never worked and will never work when it comes to optimizing for long-term survival.

In turn, our only fighting chance comes when we choose to fight for the future. And the only way to do that is to remove humans from power.The only practical way to do this is to put computers in charge of our governments.

This concept, termed the Singleton, is tainted by hyperbole. If you talk to any expert out there, you will usually be met with one response - put artificial intelligence in charge of our governments, and humanity faces extinction.

We believe otherwise. We believe that the singleton is not a harbinger of extinction, but our only hope against it.

This is the first in a series of letters to challenge the status quo surrounding this issue. And hopefully, by the end of this correspondence, we hope to convince you that the Singleton is not something to be feared, but embraced.

And so we begin this delicate balancing act. Welcome.


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