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12 Essential Features of Advanced Endpoint Security Tools

Security News White Papers - Thu, 09/24/2020 - 12:00am
Endpoint protection of enterprise systems is an efficient method of managing software deployment and enforcing IT security operations' policies. However, it does more than protect a network from malware. Download this e-guide to learn how endpoint security can be used for a number of operation monitoring functions and data backup strategies. Published by: Claranet

Ask HN: New career for a faltering academic? (Experimental physics post-doc)

Hacker News - 26 min 6 sec ago

What is an interesting career to pivot into for someone who's spent 10+ years in physics research?

At the age of ~35, I'm about to start my fifth academic appointment at the postdoc/staff scientist/research fellow level. The apparent lack of progress, both career and research-wise, has made me want to consider a chance of scenery.

In my present line of work, one picks up a great deal of knowledge about the various things needed to make the lab "tick", ranging from high-tech instruments to utilities, without ever really attaining a professional level of expertise in any particular topic.

Are there any enterprises willing to overlook a lack of formal qualifications for a jack of many trades with a PhD? I believe there are many competent people in the same boat across the various STEM disciplines.

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Emmys 2020: All the winners, updated live - CNET

CNET Feed - 37 min 39 sec ago
Watchmen, The Mandalorian and Stranger Things are all vying for a Primetime Emmy Award. Here's every winner so far.
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Ask HN: Companies/non profits working against climate change

Hacker News - 42 min 32 sec ago

I am looking for contributing towards fighting climate change and want to look for opportunities (both for profit/non profit) in the space. I am a techie with backend and ML experience. The longer term goal with this is to understand the space and drive companies to adopting practices that help combat climate change.

Where should I look? Which companies/non profits are doing good work here?

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Ask HN: Is there any way to copy HN saved stories?

Hacker News - 55 min 9 sec ago

I actually did copy over 100 saved articles from on smartphone to another (by searching the title..) but I have another 100 or more, how could I do it faster or something? (I'll change this phone sooner also so..)

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Show HN: A tool to make graphic design easier

Hacker News - 55 min 50 sec ago

Article URL: https://hotpot.ai/

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The Kivaloo Data Store

Hacker News - 1 hour 3 min ago

Article URL: http://www.tarsnap.com/kivaloo.html

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