How to bring zero-trust security to microservices

InfoWorld - Wed, 12/23/2020 - 6:00am

Transitioning to microservices has many advantages for teams building large applications, particularly those that must accelerate the pace of innovation, deployments, and time to market. Microservices also provide technology teams the opportunity to secure their applications and services better than they did with monolithic code bases.

Zero-trust security provides these teams with a scalable way to make security fool-proof while managing a growing number of microservices and greater complexity. That’s right. Although it seems counterintuitive at first, microservices allow us to secure our applications and all of their services better than we ever did with monolithic code bases. Failure to seize that opportunity will result in non-secure, exploitable, and non-compliant architectures that are only going to become more difficult to secure in the future.

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