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What's the best laptop of the past several years for development?

Hacker News - 24 min 53 sec ago

I was a long-time Macbook user, but switched to ThinkPads/Linux several years ago. But:

I want a laptop that has:

* The ThinkPad's keyboard, durability, upgradability and repairability, and * The Macbook's screen, touchpad, available software and battery life

I don't mind buying used. I'm also a huge fan of open source/libre software, and support Linux for this reason, but I sometimes struggle with the amount of config time I spend and the often better availability of apps on Mac.

I guess this is a question about laptops and OSes.

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Self Riding Bicycle

Hacker News - 28 min 29 sec ago

Article URL: https://bike.k-2.ca

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The Puzzle Palace

Hacker News - 36 min 27 sec ago
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