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The Case for Elixir

Hacker News - 36 min 58 sec ago

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Ask HN: First 5 People at a Startup... who? why?

Hacker News - 59 min 29 sec ago

Hypothetical Question for anyone but especially looking for people who have been a founder / early employee at a company that grew from less than 5 ppl to at least 20 ...

If you were a founder in charge of picking the first 5 ppl ...

- what do they do?

- how do you pick them ? (whatever that means to you i.e. how you recruit them?)

Question is somewhat purposefully open ended (i.e. I know you could say "what's the market?"..)

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Ask HN: Sketches or Mockups?

Hacker News - 1 hour 5 min ago

Hey community. Any designers here? I'm doing research for an article on how many designers and creatives can sketch these days. (Not an app :) I mean sketching with hand) I've noticed that many rely heavily on Photoshop or Figma and wanted to find out more about this topic. I've created a short survey here: https://forms.gle/cvHoZookjrArRbi56 and would appreciate your feedback. It will take 5 min tops. It will help me a lot. Many thanks in advance.

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