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Tibs the Great

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Build fun, small projects with startups

Hacker News - 8 hours 9 min ago

I'll be working on Zbuilders to help students to gain as many interesting experiences as possible early in their career and help startups get projects built by top students, signup: http://zbuilders.io you can check why I am working on the project here: https://bit.ly/3c81R2s

If you have a project and want it to be built fastly by top students or to see how a student will perform in one project before hiring for a full internship, let's chat: https://bit.ly/3oevD87

This is the first time I try to build and ship something by myself, I'll really appreciate any advice or question, please feel free to reachout on Twitter too: @ShawkiSukkar

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Ask HN: Does Blazor pass as a “boring technology”?

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Hi all. I know, Blazor is a new technology so that might already provide an answer. But I would like to hear some first-hand experiences.

New devs in my startup want to use it. My app, built by another dev uses razor pages, typescript, bootstrap and jQuery.

There is an overhaul in frontend we need to do, and I would like to make a right decision.

My old dev said to me "good luck finding developers for boring technology" and I did find new devs because I said they could do it in Blazor.

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