Garage Is Finished

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The Pearces - Hampton, TN - Garage Outside with New Lighting
The Pearces - Hampton, TN - Garage Inside with New Lighting and Drywall
The Pearces - Hampton, TN - Garage Inside with New Lighting and Drywall

The garage electrical was finished up last week. The next new set of surveillance cameras are also up. Another new set will be going up soon. Signage is displayed alerting visitors that cameras are in place and recording. Smoke detectors are purchased and in place as well as two new fire extinguishers. New network wiring has been run for the house along with a new high end AC 1900 router. I will also be completing the network wiring for the new garage in order to support the new cameras going in.

The garage project started back June 6th. It didn't finish until the last week of October. I wasted much of my vacation and worked many days from home to ensure someone was here with the workers so it could get completed. Thank goodness work allowed me to do that. The folks who did the work did an excellent job, it just took a great deal of time. The framing for the drywall is super heavy duty which will also help with hanging cabinets. The electrical was run with extra capacity planned in case of additions in the future.

We still need to refinish the floor, get garage floor mats in place, get a sink or at least a wash basin in place, finish the cabinetry, and get heat and air installed. I am looking for a short distance lift also. We are starting next on finishing up the excavation of the back of the property in preparation for the next projects. Once that is complete I will most likely pave the driveway and get the concrete slabs poured in the back for the future projects, and a slab poured for a new front porch. Hopefully we will get started on adding to the house and a remodel sometime in the next year or two.